Project Description

Guardian Interlock

The Guardian Interlock WR3 is an alcohol interlock device that is specifically designed for DUI offender ignition interlock programs. It combines evidential breath alcohol measurement technology with innovative anti-circumvention features to provide the leading choice in alcohol interlock devices. Phillips Auto Spark have supplied and fitted many of these Interlocks to customers vehicles.

The WR3 is an innovative breath alcohol testing instrument which is installed in a vehicle in a way that links its operation to the ignition, starter, electrical and other on-board systems. The purpose of the WR3 is to measure the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of the intended driver and to prevent the vehicle from being started or operated if the BAC is over a preset limit.

The WR3 includes an advanced form of hum-tone detection as part of the means to prevent cheating. The intended driver must provide a moderate and continuous breath sample for a period of 5 seconds while simultaneously engaging a humming sound in order to satisfy the breath test requirement. Additionally, the breath flow rate is monitored to ensure a proper sample is being delivered before the breath alcohol measurement is taken.

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