Project Description

Axis Rear View Monitor

As we all know children can be quite unpredictable when out and about and especially in their own environment. Tragically one child, often a toddler is run over in the driveway of their own home every week in Australia and this is often by a parent, relative or close friend. Rear vision systems are a guidance device only and not a  substitute for driver responsibility. A rear vision system will eliminate all the blind spots at the rear of the vehicle and rear sensors will give you an audible read out advising you of an object in your blind area. The Axis Rear View Monitor discreetly clips over the existing mirror of your vehicle and automatically activates the mini camera when reverse gear is selected. This provides a clear image for the driver and protects children, pedestrians and assets, preventing injury and avoiding costly repairs for dents and other damage when reversing. A 2nd video input allows for a second camera or multimedia/navigation/ DVD input.

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